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To attention of carriers and participants of foreign trade activities!

Since January, 1st, 2011 the European union (further – EU) enters obligatory preliminary informing of customs bodies of EU by the carriers which are carrying out import of the goods on territory of EU member states within the limits of New computerized transit system of the EU countries (NCTS).

It is necessary to submit the certain data to customs authorities of the country of import - the declaration on imported cargo (entry summary declaration). The volume of necessary data for processing and also time of giving the declaration depend on a type of transport in which the goods move.

In case of transportation of cargo by motor transport such declaration should be submitted not less than 1 hour prior to its actual arrival on EU territory, in case of rail transportation for 2 hours, at air service before actual departure of the aircraft (at long flights - at least 4 hours prior to arrival of the aircraft in EU). It is possible to submit this data only in electronic form using the Monitoring system of import or the transit Monitoring system. The transit monitoring system (NCTS) can be used in case if the data will move together with the transit declaration or electronic book IAT (TIR carnet).

A carrier that is the person bearing responsibility for transportation of cargo in territory of EU is responsible for giving the declarations. However the carrier has the right to conclude the contract with any other person (the authorized representative, the representative, broker firm or the addressee of the goods) at which order there is all the necessary information on cargo and also which has access to system of electronic declaring of the corresponding country-participant of EU.

On control of imported cargoes and also corresponding standard documents and methodical instructions on their application, it is possible to find the additional information on new requirements of EU on a web site of the European commission: