Foreign investors: FCS of Russia minimizes complexities of conducting FTA in the conditions of the Customs union

On October, 5th, 2010 in FCS of Russia  the next session of expert group on perfection of customs procedures of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council into Russia (FIAC) has passed.

On the side of FCS of Russia in session the stats-secretary – deputy head of FCS of Russia Konstantin Chayka and officials of leading profile managements of central office of FCS of Russia have taken part, on the side of  foreign investors − the director for Open Company external relations «Procter and Gamble» Victor Kramarenko and representatives of the largest foreign companies – members of FIAC operating in the Russian market such as «Ernest and Young», «British American Tobacco Russia», «Mitsubishi», Public Corporation «Autoframos», LLC «BASF», «Nestle Russia», «LLC Procter and Gamble», «Alcoa», «Pepsico Russia», «Siemens», «Tetra Pack»,      «Motorola», Close Corporation «Hamilton the Standard-Science»  LLC «Unilever» have taken part.

At the session there was a director of Department of an investment policy and development of the private-state partnership of Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia Sergey Belyakov.

At the meeting the questions arising at the foreign companies at conducting of foreign trade activities in Russia in connection with formation and functioning of the Customs union have been discussed. In particular an order of granting of allowing documents at customs registration, acknowledgement of the status of the goods, influence of the procedure for test of customs cost on terms of release of the goods, features of preliminary declaring.

During the session foreign investors have presented their offers under the permission of problem situations and also have received explanations on the procedure of customs declaring taking into account positions of the changed legislation in the sphere of customs business. Simultaneously on some question concrete recommendations about improvement of administrative agencies brief practice of the legislation of the Customs union have been accepted.

Besides preliminary consideration of the questions prepared by foreign investors to the session of Executive committee FIAC carrying out of which is planned for October, 8th, 2010 in Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia has taken place.

Konstantin Chayka has informed participants of the session on possibility of application of preliminary informing for acceleration of processes of customs declaring.

Victor Kramarenko on his side has highly appreciated actions of customs bodies of Russia directed on minimization of complexities for foreign investors at transition to new conditions of conducting foreign trade activities in the conditions of the Customs union.

Sergey Belyakov has positively noted active interaction and meaningful dialogue between  FCS of Russia and the foreign companies − members of FIAC.