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Opening of representation FSUE «ROSTECK» in Italy

The federal state unitary enterprise «ROSTECK» (, one of the large customs brokers in Russia, declared opening of representation of one of its enterprises (Close Corporation "ROSTEK-ITE") in Italy on the basis of the company Interporto Marke (the province Ancona).

The event has taken place on October, 1st, 2010 in the Hall of meetings of businessmen of the Industrial zone «Z.I.P.A.» of the city Ezi (the province Ancona).

Representation problem is assistance to participants of foreign trade activities in the conclusion and realization of the international trading contracts, rendering of logistical, transport services, services in customs registration of the goods and also in consultation concerning application of the customs legislation of the Russian Federation.

The Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Italy, the Honourable Consul of the Russian Federation  in Ancona, the Prefect of a city of Ancona, the Government in Marke area, representatives of tax and financial structures of region, representatives of the Italian customs, military and port administration of Ancona, representatives of the Italian Parliament, the Italan-Russian chamber of commerce, the Chamber of commerce of Ancona, Association of manufacturers of area "Konfindustrija Mark" and also large Italian industrialists and the businessmen exporting the goods to Russia have taken part in the action.

General director of FSUE «ROSTECK» Alexander Povstyany mentioned special importance of presence of representation in Italy for FSUE «ROSTECK»:« ″ROSTECK″ pays particular attention to address interaction with the foreign trade activities countries among which Italy occupies one of main places. Considering this factor we have signed the agreement with the Italian-Russian chamber of commerce before. The responsible operator under the agreement on interaction and business cooperation have been appointed our enterprise of close corporation ″ROSTECK-ITE ″ which has incurred the further obligations on development and partnership advancement. In its turn ″ROSTECK″ possessing the branched out network of structural divisions carries out the complex decision of the problems arising at the Russian and Italian businessmen. It is necessary to tell that working out and realization of measures on acceleration of passage of cargoes through customs border of Russia and Italy at the expense of application of modern customs technologies including preliminary informing, preliminary declaring and the simplified order of declaring of the goods and vehicles are thus put as the corner-stone».

In June 2010г  FSUE «ROSTECK»  received the offer from IRCC about the organization of activity of the enterprises of system FSUE «ROSTECK»  in the territory of Italy in Interporto "Marke" (Ancona) . The opening of representation which took place on October, 1st, 2010  became the result of close interaction of the Italian and Russian sides which beginning was necessary during an economic forum Russia – Italy in April, 2009.

The information inquiry on the company FSUE «ROSTECK»

Federal state unitary enterprise "ROSTECK" was created under the governmental order of Russia in 1992. The founder is the Federal customs service of the Russian Federation. Enterprise activity is carried out under control of the state and is guided by realization of some state problems in the field of a customs policy successfully combining granting of services of the customs broker to participants of foreign trade activities (FTA).

At the moment the system of enterprises "ROSTECK" represents the uniform diversified vertically-integrated holding consisting of headquarters plant FSUE "ROSTECK", more than 50 economic societies and 12 branches, representations abroad with the number of more than 7 000 persons working having long-term experience.

For almost two decades of the development the serious state Holding presented practically in all regions of Russia was generated. Today "ROSTECK" solves all spectrum of problems of maintenance of harmonious functioning of customs sector of our economy in the interests of customs bodies and participants FTA: from building of objects of customs infrastructure to creation of multipurpose customs-logistical terminals and introduction of modern customs IT technologies and also rendering to participants of FTA the services connected with customs registration. FSUE "ROSTECK" acts as the assistant to participants of foreign trade activities and customs bodies, the guarantor of protection of interests of business.

The information inquiry on the company Interporto Marke (province Ancona) Italy

Interporto is the structure which main objective is management of goods traffics and realization of various kinds of the transport logistics having for this purpose a necessary railway junction for acceptance and formation of the cargo structures, having logistical communications with port structures and the airports of Italy and also big possibilities for management of goods traffics of all types.

On its own territory Interporto has open and closed warehouse areas, zones of reception, storage of cargoes besides it can render other services in the transport sphere.

Interporto has also possibility to give the following types of service: the combined type of transport thanks to activation of procedure of a combination of railway and automobile transportations; activity on logistics, gathering and distribution of cargo streams within the whole territory; services in management of warehouse from the third parties; customs services.