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A hundredweight of cocaine was hidden in bananas

Officers of the Federal Customs Service stopped an attempted smuggling into our country of more than a hundred and seventeen kilograms of cocaine through the port of Saint-Petersburg.
May 26, 2010 officers of the Drugs Smuggling Control Department of the Baltic Customs withdrew from unlawful international commerce an especially large scale consignment of cocaine in the course of investigative anti drug and smuggling measures on the way of international cargo traffic from Latin America.

Drug weighed 117.820 kg was packed in three traveling bags hidden in the container. The container arrived in St.-Petersburg with the cargo of bananas on board of the container carrier from the port of Antwerp (Belgium), where it came from Ecuador.

Currently, officers of the Baltic Customs carry out necessary investigative measures, and institution of a criminal proceeding according to part 2 of article 188 of the RF Criminal Code is discussed.

There were in all more than 100 containers with the fruit and vegetable production on the container carrier.


In 2009 law-enforcement units of the customs bodies initiated 947 criminal proceedings on drugs smuggling, and as a result 1639.6 kg of drugs, psychotropic agents and strong drugs including 502 kg of heroin, 21,214 kg of opium, 101 kg of cocaine, 673 kg of hashish, 153 kg of marijuana were confiscated.