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Mongolian delegation visit to the Russian FCS

April 5, 2010 a meeting of the representatives of customs services of Russia and Mongolia took place. The Russian delegation was headed by Chief of the Russian FCS Andrei Belyaninov. Representatives of several directorates of the Russian FCS as well as members of the Russian Customs Academy were in the delegation.

Mongolia was represented by Chairman of the Mongolian Customs General Administration D. Ceveenjav, Legal Adviser of Chairman of the Mongolian Customs General Administration  E. Altantuya, Director of Customs and Economics Institute B. Batbyamba and others as well as members of Mongolian Embassy in Russia.

One of the key questions at the meeting was the development of the legal base for customs cooperation between Russia and Mongolia. The representatives of the two delegations discussed various aspects of the realization of the Protocol on Organization of Experimental Information Exchange in Mutual Trade dated March 27, 2007 and a range of questions on regional cooperation. Russian and Mongolian customs officials regarded likewise opportunities to train representatives of Mongolian customs at the Russian Customs Academy.

The meeting resulted in signing by heads of the customs services of the two countries a protocol of the meeting, in which agreements on further cooperation between customs services of Russia and Mongolia were stated.