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Negotiations of Russia and Argentina Customs Administrations Representatives

November 2, 2009 Chief of General Sub-Management of Customs Service of the Republic of Argentina Silvio Luis Minisini met with the representatives of the Russian FCS at the Russian Customs Service.

The Parties discussed questions of mutual interest aimed at further development of Russian-Argentinean relations. The participants of the meeting learned customs services experience in evaluation of goods, advance declaring, usage of risk management systems.

Particular attention was paid to applying new methods and customs control equipment.

Methods of setting information sharing between customs services, including advance information sharing of goods and vehicles transported between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Argentina were also regarded at the meeting.

At the meeting representatives of customs administrations of Russia and Argentina finally approved text of the project of memorandum between the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation and Federal Administration of National Income of the Republic of Argentina on sharing statistic data concerning mutual trade, and agreed to intensify work on widening contractual legal framework of cooperation.