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Foreign business questions were discussed at the Russian FCS

October 30, 2009 State Secretary – Deputy Head of the Russian FCS Konstantin Chayka held a meeting with representatives of the companies-members of the Association of European Business in Russia, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), the Foreign Investment Advisory Council in Russia, the US Chamber of Commerce and Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade.

Questions of customs regulation and administration, faced by foreign companies while executing foreign economic activity in the Russian Federation were on the agenda. Particular attention was paid to the questions connected with the realization of the Concept of Customs Clearance and Control of Goods at places close to the Russian state border, customs value control, applying systems of risk management. Russian FCS experts shared their comments on a wide range of questions, raised during the discussion.

Konstantin Chayka stressed that the Russian FCS takes an active part in the process of cooperation and mutual aid with foreign investors in our country. Discussion of questions facilitates further making of decisions meeting interests of business and state.