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Russian FCS experience is asked-for by IAEA

February 24-27, 2009 a session on customs control over legal transportation of nuclear and radioactive materials across state borders took place in Saint-Petersburg on the basis of the Russian Customs Academy affiliate. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was the mover of the session.

The session was attended by international high-level specialists in the field of control over nuclear and radioactive materials from Belgium, Germany, Israel, USA, as well as from customs authorities of the Russian Federation.

Russian customers have achieved great experience in special control over legal transported radioactive and nuclear materials since 1997. Created by order of the Russian FCS gamma-ray spectrometric equipment allowed customs authorities to be pioneers in the world in providing search of radioactive material contained in special containers without their opening. Declared isotope characteristics (its radioactivity, uranium-235 enrichment, isotope speciation of plutonium etc.) conformity to the information written in the customs declaration is checked during customs clearance of such materials. This technology is an important element of the effective and actual mechanism of control over fissile and radioactive materials.  Many of the technologies applied by Russian customers are admitted unique and have no analogues abroad.  

Highly appreciating experience of the Customs Service of the Russian Federation in control over transportation across borders of nuclear and other radioactive materials, IAEA considered it expedient to contribute to its spread in the world.

To achieve this aim IAEA developed a project of the document Manual on Checking-out Declared Volume of Radioactive Material at its Transportation, in which Russian experience in this field is particularly regarded.
The participants of the session were acquainted with Russian customers’ practice of control over fissile and radioactive materials, and discussed the IAEA recommendations, proposed in the project of the above mentioned document.