Submission of new electronic declarations will become compulsory for automobile transportations between Russia and Finland in 2009

From January 1, 2009 the European Union (EU) began to control transportations under TIR procedure with the help of the new computerized transit NSTC system. Besides Carnet TIR a transporter will also be obliged to submit an electronic declaration to the Customs of the EU countries. It is valid for transportations under TIR procedure of goods, transported from Russia to Finland and goods, transported from Finland to Russia. It was announced by the Customs service of Finland.

From July 1, 2009 participants of foreign economic activities will be obliged to submit advance electronic information to the Customs of Finland of all goods, transported to and out of the EU for the purpose of safety. Information of safety for goods, transported to Finland must be registered by submitting either a separate advance declaration, i.e. Entry Summary Declaration, or an electronic transit declaration, submitted beforehand.

Information of safety for goods transported from Finland will be submitted as part of an export or transit declaration. This reform is caused by the objective to increase general safety of international supply chains.

Information of goods transported according to TIR procedure must be submitted by electronic means from January 1, 2009. Starting from June 2008 there is an opportunity in Finland to submit information, required at TIR transit, by electronic means. The information can be submitted by Internet-transit system on There is an alternative to submit electronic information by NSTC system.

Carnet TIR holders, i.e. transporters, will be responsible for information, contained in Carnet TIR. Moreover, other participants of foreign economic activities such as shipping companies or owners of warehouses can submit such information on behalf of a transporter. As Carnet TIR holder, a transporter is always responsible for reliability of information and due observation of requirements concerning transportations under TIR Customs transit system. Reference number, assigned to the electronic declaration, should be submitted to the Customs of Finland when registering the goods under TIR procedure. If the electronic declaration is lacking, TIR transportation will not be confirmed at the customs service at the point of exit.

Advance clearance of goods entering the EU from July 2009

Requirement to submit new general declaration of arrival is a part of the EU scale reform of Customs Codex on safety. A declaration must be submitted no later than an hour before the arrival of the goods to the customs. A transporter, importing goods to a EU country is responsible for submitting an advance declaration, satisfying safety requirements. Moreover other participants of foreign economic activities can submit such information on behalf of the transporter too. In Finland declarations will be submitted to the new AREX system of the Finnish Customs, or by Internet, or by sending messages in XML. The Finland Customs system assigns a unique identification number MRN to every general declaration of arrival. This number must be shown by a driver to the Customs service of Finland at boundary customs terminal.

If arriving at the EU territory the goods are being under transit procedure or are to be transmitted to the transit procedure only after arriving at the EU territory, the required safety information can be submitted as part of advance transit declaration. In this case general declaration of arrival is not required.

From July 1, 2009 all the operators delivering customs declarations and notifications on imported and exported goods must declare register and identification number of an economic operator (EORI). EORI is a new register of economic operators of the whole EU. Information of how to get register and identification numbers of an economic operator will be announced by the Customs service of Finland later.