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Russian-Indian Commercial and Economic Cooperation international conference

Head of the Russian FCS Andrei Belyaninov and Chairman of Headquarters of Exise of the Indian Ministry of Finance Income Department Mr. Prakash Chandra Dzha signed a strategic agreement on Russian-Indian customs cooperation for medium and long-term periods. It was the main result of Russian-Indian Commercial and Economic Cooperation: Customs And Transport-Logistics Problems international conference. The Conference took place on October 24, on the eve of 2009 - the Year of India in Russia, as part of business program of IX Customs Service 2008 international exhibition.

The Conference was organized by close corporation "ROSTEK-Tamozhinform" and Indian business association Indian Business Alliance, with support and participance of the Federal Customs Service.

Head of Indian Customs Service highlighted high level achieved in all spheres of cooperation between customs services of Russia and India. In his turn head of the Russian Customs pointed out that our countries have a huge potential for trade relations development, and Customs may be of great importance here.
Status and prospects of cooperation with Indian Customs service, new ways, tasks and possibilities of cooperation were discussed at the Conference.

Russian FCS leadership attaches the highest importance to cooperation with countries, which are Russian main partners in the field of information exchange. Such a cooperation was already started by the Protocol on Organization of Information Exchange about Goods and Vehicles, Transported between the Russian Federation and the Republic of India. Experts of Russian and Indian Customs services currently work on coordination of information exchange specifications, information protection requirements and other technological questions. After testing customs services make decision to start regular information exchange.

Reporters spoke about long-term Russian and Indian Customs cooperation program, as well as extending cooperation with Indian business community.