Negotiations with Turkish colleagues

On July, 27-31, 2008 Russian Federal Customs Service delegation visited the Republic of Turkey with the purpose to negotiate with leaders of the Republic of Turkey Government Customs Department on regulating trade in goods transported to Russia.

Russian FCS delegation was headed by Sergey Shokhin, State Secretary – Deputy Chief of FCS. It also included heads of various Russian FCS departments. Turkish party was represented by Deputy Chief of the Republic of Turkey Government Customs Department I. Shenel and heads of key units of the department.

At the negotiations a project of interdepartmental protocol “Organization of interaction in customs clearance and control of goods transported by air over the state border” between Federal Customs Service and the Republic of Turkey Government Customs Department was discussed. Turkish party was informed about measures taken by FCS of the Russian Federation aimed at regulating external economic activity. These measures suppressing customs offences are carried out on the instruction of President of the Russian Federation to put in order customs work within the frames of current legislation of the Russian Federation and are not focused on one country.

The project, offered by the Russian party, contains description of a mechanism, which allows on the basis of confirmed preliminary information about goods exported from Turkey to simplify customs clearance and to make customs control over imported commodities more effective. The parties decided to continue discussions of these questions and to talk over the formulation of the interdepartmental protocol. It is believed in FCS of the Russian Federation that the future agreement will be appreciated first of all by Turkish manufacturers and honest exporters and importers. The parties also decided to strengthen communications between Russian and Turkish Customs Services through exchanging customs attaches of the countries’ Embassies.