Inquiries from Citizens

Federal Customs Service attaches great importance to working with citizens. This work includes personal reception of both Russian and foreign citizens, processing written inquiries and providing information by phone from the FTS Helpdesk.

During the first half of 2008 the central Customs Service office processed 928 written inquiries, and 4262 people received information by phone on general issues and customs legislation of Russia. 420 people had personal appointments with officials of the Customs Service, including its chief, his deputies, and heads of structural divisions. The outcome of work with inquiries from citizens is regularly published on the official Russian Customs Service site.

The category of persons who approach the Federal Customs Service basically remains unchanged - citizens who obtained permanent residence in the Russian Federation from former USSR republics, pensioners, soldiers, businessmen and individuals crossing customs border on private matters, officials of customs authorities. Foreign nationals accounted for 10.7% of applicants.

The largest number of written inquiries in the first half of 2008 related to matters within the jurisdiction of the Main Directorate for Organization of Customs Control (24.5%). The second and third most popular inquiries -- to the Human Resources Directorate (17.4%) and the Main Directorate of Federal Customs Revenues (13.7%).

The main range of issues in citizen inquiries includes explanation of customs regulations, procedures for customs clearance of private vehicles, import-export of personal property and issues regarding baggage, personnel affairs. Besides there were appeals against rulings in cases of administrative violations and complaints against actions (and inaction) of officials of Customs authorities, as provided for by the Code of Administrative Offences and Customs Code of the Russian Federation.

Personal receptions by senior officials of the Russian Customs Service and heads of structural units are held in accordance with a schedule established quarterly by Federal Customs Service Chief Executive. Similar work is carried out in all regional offices throughout the country.

Address: ul. Novozavodskaya, 11/ 5, Moscow, 121087
Phone: +7 (495) 449-77-71, 449-76-75
Hours of accepting inquiries: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: from 9-30 to 17-30; Friday from 9-30 to 16-30.

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