The Customs Service of the Russian Federation has expanded the practical application of implied form of goods declaring

On April 29, 2008, the Order No. 1524, dated December 11, 2007 “On Introduction of Amendments into the Order of the RF FCS No. 1524, dated November 22, 2006” (registered by Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation under No. 10924, dated 21.01.2008), whereby the list the RF state border checkpoints, sea (river) ports and airports, applying the procedure of goods declaring in implied form, shall be extended from 33 to 38 points.

Please note that the implied form of goods declaring is used by natural persons during carriage by them in hand-luggage and in accompanied baggage of goods, which are not subject to written declaring. The list of goods, which are subject to written declaring, is set out in the Letter of the RF FCS No. 01-06/15085, dated 03.05.2006 “On the list of goods, subject to written declaring in compliance with the Russian Law”. These goods include, for example, items, which total value is in excess of 65 thousand rubles and the weight exceeding 35 kg., hard currency, precious metals and stones, cultural values, weapons, alcoholic beverage, tobacco, etc. In the absence of these goods, a natural person undergoes declaring by passing through the “green” channel without submission of declaration.

The system of “green” and “red” channels is installed at the border checkpoints for the purpose of optimization and acceleration customs clearance and control procedures. It provides natural persons with the possibility of independent selection of declaring type and of a relevant channel appropriate for customs clearance of goods. Immediately in front of the two-channel system, the information area is arranged with the stands, providing natural persons with brief instructions as to basic conditions of carriage of goods, the procedure of application of the two-channel system as well as with warnings of responsibility for violation of the customs rules. Besides, customs authority officials are present in the information area to assist natural persons and perform the field duties.

A dedicated “green” channel and designated  passage way for passengers, who carry baggage and hand-luggage, but having no goods subject to written declaring neither about themselves nor in separately accompanying baggage. In the event of selecting the “green” channel the customs declaration form shall neither be filled in nor submitted. Customs control shall be performed at random. Thus, by selecting the “green” channel and passing through it, a natural person undergoes declaring by the action itself. Moreover, this action is of legal significance. In the event of entering the “green” channel with forbidden items or with items being subject to customs declaring, one can incur administrative or criminal responsibility.
At the same time, any natural person, willing to have his goods declared, even if they are not liable for this procedure, has the right to fill in a declaration form. In that case the “red” channel should be chosen. The “red” channel is intended for passengers, who carry about themselves or in a separately accompanying baggage, goods being subject to written declaring.

Usage of the two-channel system will allow not only for substantial simplification and acceleration of customs control procedures by reducing the time of going by passengers through customs procedures to a few seconds in case of the “green” channel selection, and to a few minutes while selecting the “red” one, but for enhancement of the customs capacity as to reception, release and servicing of passengers. In this respect, the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation performs an active work on inclusion into the list of the customs authorities, equipped with the two-channel system, of new checkpoints according to their relevant outfitting and appropriation of adequate engineering areas.

You are offered to familiarize yourself with the RF FCS Order No. 1208, dated November 22, 2006 and the Order No. 1208, dated December 11, 2007, the procedure of the implied form goods declaring, provided thereof, and with the list of customs authorities, utilizing this procedure, at the RF FCS official website ( in the “Legislation” section.

The “green” and “red” channel system began to function in our country on August 15, 1989 pursuant to the Order of the Central Administration for Customs Control, attached to Council of Ministers of the USSR. The first state border checkpoints, which began to apply the two-channel system were the airports of “Sheremetievo-1” and “Sheremetievo-2”. From that time on, according to creation of adequate conditions and availability of engineering equipment, the two-channel system was implemented in other airports as well as in seaports and vehicle access gates.