A new passenger customs declaration form to take effect in April. Completion procedure

This spring, the outmoded Order No. 590 “On Confirmation of the Passenger Customs Declaration Form and Its Completion Procedure”, dated May 19, 2004 shall be superseded by a new order No. 1485, dated November 30, 2007, which is to bring into line with the effective legislation the definitions, used in the passenger customs declaration form:

- pursuant to the currency law in effect, now paragraph 3.1 is to be titled as “National and other currency in cash, securities …” instead of “National and other currency in cash, currency valuables..”, as the definition of currency valuables implies both securities and foreign currency; 

-  paragraph 3.4. “Antiques and fine arts” to be superseded by “Cultural valuables”;

- paragraph 3.9. “High-frequency radio electronic devices and signal communications” shall read/ otherwise as “radio electronic facilities and high-frequency devices”, as cell phones are not subject to customs declaration in writing and, are excluded from the customs declaration form, respectively;

- in paragraph 4.2., the words “Customs treatment” are substituted for а “Direction”. At the same time, while entering motor vehicle data, a vehicle identification number (VIN) must be specified;

- the paragraph “Narcotic drugs and drastic agents” now reads as “Narcotic and drastic agents”.

The above changes (amendments) are related solely to the passenger customs declaration form. The List of goods being subject to written customs declaration remained unchanged. The List is specified in the Letter of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation No. 01-06/15085 “On the List of Goods Being Subject to Written Customs Declaration Pursuant to the Legislation of the Russian Federation”, dated May 3, 2006 (www.customs.ivs/ru/cus_law/popup.php?ID=7063) and in declaration spaces of information stands.