TODAY IS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2018, 2:33:26 PM
The FCS’ Chief Executive visited the Republic of Poland

In Krakov a meeting was held between Andrei Belyaninov, Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation and Marian Banas, the Deputy Minister of Finance, Director General of the Customs Service of the Republic of Poland. The subject of discussions was the issue of intensification of interrelation between customs services of the two countries.

The delegation of the Russian Customs Service included Igor Zavrazhnov, deputy head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Mescheryakov, assistant to the Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, Viktor Dyatchenko, Head of Central Administration of Customs Control Management and Oleg Puchkov, Director of the Scientific Data-processing Computer Center.

In the course of the discussions, the involved issues covered interoperations at the Russian-Polish border and cooperation of the customs services in the context of the final declaration of the Conference on customs cooperation on the eastern border of the European Community, held in Finland on December of 2006, as well as on exchange of preliminary information related to commodities, conveyed in the framework of mutual trade.

Based on the final results of the discussions, the heads of the customs services of the two countries signed Minutes of the Meeting, consolidating entered engagements. In particular, the parties acceded to the necessity of adjustment of the legal framework, regulating mutual cooperation, for the purpose of harmonization of customs procedures on the Russian-Polish border. In addition, the heads of Russian and Polish customs authorities agreed on forming of working groups vested with the task of consideration of various aspects of exchange of preliminary information in regard with commodities, conveyed within mutual trade and with intensification of cooperation in the area of law-enforcement.

The Minutes attached particular importance to necessity for acceleration of completion of construction work on the border crossing point of Mamonovo II and of its functioning together with the Polish crossing point of Gzhekhotki.

During the meeting, the parties also addressed the issues of cooperation between the customs agencies in respect of social aspects, including utilization of sports centers and rest homes at their disposal with a view to organizing of recreational activities and sporting events for Russian and Polish customs officers.

A.Belyaninov and M.Banas agreed on holding meetings not only at “highest” level, but at the level of commanders of customs houses and customs stations.