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The conference of the Heads of customs of the countries of the European region of the World Customs Organization

In the first decade of February in Budapest there was held the conference of the Heads of customs services of the countries of European region of World Customs Organization. Russian customs service team headed by Andrei Belyaninov, Head of the FCS of Russia took part in the conference. Michel Danet, Director General of WCO as well as the heads of 42 customs services of European countries and representatives of international organizations, including the European Union, Eurocustoms and others participated in the conference. In the agenda there were the issues of customs cooperation in the European region, including determination of the role and place of customs organizations in XXI century, institutional development of customs services, and membership of European region WCO in political advisory committees of WCO.

Addressing the Conference, Andrei Belyaninov, Head of the FCS of Russia said that it was necessary to introduce the system of preliminary electronic informing of the goods carried across the border in context of mutual trade as it had been agreed by President V.Putin and Jose Manuel Barroso, Head of European communities committee on the results of the summit Russia-EU held in Helsinki in 2006. Apart from that, A.Belyaninov explained the attitude of Russian customs to organization of customs administration of the world trade and counteraction to counterfeit goods transfer.

In the course of the Conference there took place bilateral and multilateral consultations of A.Belyaninov and the Heads of Customs of Finland, Turkey and Baltic states on the issues of mutual interest, primarily on the issue of preliminary information exchange. The same issues were discussed at the meeting of A.Belyaninov with R.Verrut, Head of Directorate General of the Committee of European communities on taxation and customs union (DG TAXUD). In the course of the meeting it was agreed to have in March 2007 in Brussels another meeting of Subcommittee of Russia-EU on customs and transborder cooperation.