The FCS of Russia has discussed a number of issues with representatives of the Association of European Business

On February 6th, 2007 Sergey Shokhin, Deputy Head of the FCS of Russia met the representatives of the Association of European Business (AEB) headed of Andreas Romanos, Director General of the Association. The Russian customs team in the meeting was represented by Vladimir Mescheryakov, Assistant of the Head of the FCS of Russia, Alexander Smelyakov, Head of Public Relations Administration (PRA) and Sergey Kudryavtsev, Head of Department of cooperation with foreign trade participants and foreign investors of PRA, AEB team was represented by Irina Aksenova, Director of Development, Dmitry Cheltsov, Chairman of AEB Committee on the issues of transportation and customs and a senior manager of Ernst and Young.
A.Romanos, Director General AEB noted that the Association had had long history of fruitful cooperation with the FCS. He reiterated importance of developing such business contacts.

Dmitry Cheltsov, Chairman of AEB Committee on the issues of transportation and customs gave his assessment of practical experience of cooperation between business community and Russian customs. In particular he commented positively regarding working meetings on senior level, which allowed the both parties to specify in detail the positions of each respective party on various issues of customs procedures implementation in Russia. Special attention in these contacts is given to work within the Expert Council on customs policy under the auspices of the FCS of Russia.
AEB representatives expressed their hope to have regular meetings between the managers of AEB and FCS and organization of joint conferences with participation of representatives of customs authorities of the Russian Federation and business circles with the purpose of informing each other on the issues of customs support of foreign trade activities.

In his turn, Sergey Shokhin, Deputy Head of the FCS of Russia noted, that the management of customs considered cooperation with business community, including AEB, as an important tool for improvement of customs work. Sergey Shokhin said in particular: “We are open for positive criticism and constructive proposals from business-community”.

More over, he also said that customs authorities were already making the steps required for enhancing dialogue with business circles and making this dialogue more efficient. Sergey Shokhin also said that, the management of the FCS was prepared to resume work of Hot Line communication channel, which had worked earlier, in order to efficiently respond to the difficulties arising during the activities of foreign trade players.

Sergey Shokhin, Deputy Head of the FCS of Russia confirmed the eagerness of customs authorities for organization and conducting in cooperation with AEB conferences on customs related topics. One of the forums should become a conference which is planned to be conducted in Sankt-Petersburg in the end of March 2007 with participation of the FCS representatives.

In the course of the discussion, Sergey Shokhin was talking about the work carried out by the FCS with respect to harmonization of customs procedures, used in the Russian Federation and the European Union. Vladimir Mescheryakov, his assistant gave more detailed information about this issue. He pointed out that starting from January 1rst, 2006 customs authorities started to work with single form of cargo customs/transit, which took into account all the norms and regulations of Single Administrative Document used in the countries of the EU.