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WCO and FCS in fight against counterfeit products together

On the eve of the International Day of Customs to be celebrated on January 26th, Michel Danet, General Secretary of World Customs Organization congratulated customs officers of the world with this holiday. In his address he drew special attention to the fact that 2007 shall be a year of fighting against counterfeit products and piracy. The crime committed in this sphere, is related to one of the most serious economic crimes. Urgency and seriousness of this problem is also confirmed by statistics. Thus, for the period from 1998 to 2004 the number of counterfeit products, confiscated by customs of European countries rose by 1000%. Only in 2004 in the world there were registered more than 4 thousand arrests of counterfeit and piracy goods, the number of which exceeded 166 million units of counterfeit products. On assessment of WCO, currently, the global turnover of counterfeited goods is about 500 billion US dollars. 

Management of the Federal Customs Service of Russia fully supports concerns of WCO with respect of the scale of counterfeit goods trading problem, aiming customs of the Russian Federation to strengthen the measures to ensure protection of the intellectual rights. 

The results of the FCS of Russia activities in 2006, testify to the seriousness of approach to eradication of the problem in question. In particular, one of the directions of the FCS of Russia activities in the field of fighting against counterfeit products and piracy has become customs register of the objects of intellectual property, which has been kept by the FCS of Russia in accordance with Clause 395 of Customs Code of the Russian Federation. As of January 1, 2007, the Register has 775 trade marks.

In the last year customs authorities on more than 126 occasions suspended issue of goods, on the basis of the applications filed by the trade mark rights holders. In April-June and in October-December 2006 the departments of the FCS of Russia carried out two special operations, directed to identification and prevention of illegal transfer of counterfeit goods across the customs border of the Russian Federation. On these results there were opened 130 cases on administrative violations, there were started 2 criminal proceedings, there were passed over the materials on investigative jurisdiction, on which there were initiated 12 criminal cases, there were delayed goods, which were the objects of customs violations, at the value of more than 38 million rubles in the amount of more than 3 million units. 

Altogether in 2006 год in accordance with Clause 14.10 of Code of Administrative Violations of the Russian Federation (illegal use of trade mark) there were initiated 750 cases on administrative violations, and in accordance with Part 1 of Clause 7.12 of Administrative Violations of the Russian Federation (infringement of copyrights and allied rights) - another 65 cases on administrative violations. At that, the main goods, detained on cases of illegal use of trade marks, were confectionary, including sweetmeats, and also sportswear and footwear, perfumes and household cleaning products. Videocassettes, CDs and DVD discs are also  among main goods detained on the cases related to infringement of copyrights and allied rights.