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20.10.2006 International customs exhibition to be held in Moscow

On October 23rd 2006 in Moscow at Krasnaya Presnya exhibition complex (Krasnopresnyannskaya Naberezhnaya 12, pavilion № 5) there will be opened the 7th International Exhibition "Customs Service - 2006". The exhibition is organized on the eve of a professional holiday – Customs Officer Day of the Russian Federation, - which is celebrated on October 25th.

 At the exhibition there are presented achievements and services in the field of equipping customs of Russia with new technical means, there is shown progress of customs service and possibilities of customs and sub-customs infrastructure, provided by the participants of foreign trade.

At the exhibition stand of the FCS of Russia there are presented the sections of Main Administrations of the FCS of Russia and regional customs Administrations.

Apart from Russian companies, foreign companies – major foreign trade operators are also represented at the exhibition.

 Within the framework of the Business Program of Exhibition it is planned to conduct a series of workshops and “round tables” as per different directions of Main Administrations and Administrations of the FCS, envisaged by a new Customs Code of the Russian Federation and targeted to enhancing of customs procedures and application of new customs technologies and information –technical systems.

The participants and guests of the exhibition shall be able to make use of the services of so called “consultative tables”, created on the basis of main directions of activities of customs service.

 Major domestic and foreign manufacturers take part in the exhibition offering to customs new information technologies, hardware, equipment and services in functional directions of customs services activities.

Representatives of state authorities, specialists of law enforcement ministries and other interested state and commercial structures were invited to the exhibition.

 They are taking part in various workshops held during exhibition.

At the Exhibition there are the following topics:

· tools of search and examination, tools for establishing authenticity and integrity of documents, metal, explosives and narcotics finding equipment;

· identification and finger prints taking means, devices for laboratory research, cameras, chemicals and their components;

· special means of transportation, armored motor cars;

· tools and devices for operative –search activities;

· service firearms, special weapons, equipment for shooting galleries;

· individual protection means;

· signalization and broadcasting systems;

· special clothes, uniform, footwear, equipment and etc.;

 · customs terminals, customs brokers;

 · logistics and warehousing equipment;

· banks, credit organizations and insurance companies, authorized in customs activities.

· communications systems, communications lines and channels, communications security systems, radio facilities, data collection and relaying systems;

· range protection, detection of penetration, control and monitoring equipment, access control systems;

· computer equipment, servers, stations and peripheral equipment, software tools, copying equipment;

· protection of information, economic safety, computer systems safety.

The best exhibits, presented on the stand of the companies, very soon will find themselves in workstation of customs authorities’ employees.

In the course of exhibition there will be conducted Conclusion of the results of completion of the leaders of foreign trade activities “Customs Olympus” and awarding of the prices to the winners.

The ceremony of opening the exhibition shall be held on October 23rd at 12:00. Exhibition shall continue till October 25th 2006.