18.10.2006 Russian customs and their German colleagues have started implementation of a new joint project

On October 16th, 2006 there was signed Actions Plan “Technical control of the goods containing intellectual property objects, using the system of risks management” between the Federal Customs Service (FCS of Russia) and the Finance Ministry of the Federal German Republic. On behalf of the Russian side the document was signed by Andrei Kudryashev, Head of Main Administration for Commodity Items and Trade Restrictions, on behalf of the German side it was signed by Peter Budig, Head of Foreign Relations Personnel Training Department of the Finance Ministry of the Federal Republic.

The document prepared with participation and financing of the European Commission, is targeted to raise the efficiency of measures to decrease the number of violations in the sphere of intellectual property during import-export operations.

 The project to be implemented on the basis of the signed document is intended for the period of 15 months, and it envisages expansion of cooperation between the FCS of Russia and the Ministry of Finance of Germany as per various directions, including development of joint measures in the sphere of preserving intellectual property rights and exchange of experience in training personnel for Russian customs authorities.

Regional customs Administrations of the FCS of Russia and Russian Customs Academy will participate in the project in addition to Main Administration for Commodity Items and Trade Restrictions and Administration of Customs Cooperation of the FCS of Russia.

In the end of ceremony of signing, A.Kudryashev stressed that the problems to be resolved by the document are actual and significant and that it even closer cooperation was required between Russian and their colleagues of the European Union, primarily in Germany, in solving various issues of customs administration and prevention of crime in the field of the foreign trade.