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Vladimir Malinin, Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service of The Russian Federation familiarized himself with practical application of state-of-the-art Information Technologies

On October 5, 2006, Vladimir Malinin, Deputy Head of the Federal Customs of the Russian Federation visited the newly opened Odintsovo South Customs Station of the Odintsovo Customs House. In the course of the visit the deputy of the head of the customs administration visited also the terminal of “National Customs Broker”, a unified customhouse broker as well as the forwarding company “FC Cargo Trans”, located at the base of “NLC – Krekshino”, one of the largest Russia’s logistical complexes in the Moscow Area.

Valdimir Malinin and his party were shown emerging information technologies, intended to provide high efficiency of operations of the customs station, located at the customs terminal. In particular, the Odintsovo South Customs Station is actively utilizing the system of electronic customs declaring, which ensures a considerable reduction of time and financial charges during customs clearance of commodity and during its stay within customs surveillance zone. Besides, the remote video monitoring system, implemented at the customs station, enables a parent customs agency - the Central Customs Administration (CCA) to exercise on-line control over operations of the customs station. At the same time, the system provides for the technological capability of archiving of video records, obtained in the course of customs inspections.

The X-ray television equipment installed at the customs station considerably increases operational efficiency of customs officers.

Participants of foreign economic activity, passing customs clearance of their commodities at the Odintsovo Customs Station, can enjoy on-line delivery of information in respect of their commodities – as SMS messages, e-mail messages, and by means of the unique technology of “touch-sensitive kiosk”.

Opening of Odintsovo South Customs Station, located at the “Krekshino” Customs Terminal, has become a real demonstration of realization of the Concept adopted by the Russian Government with a view to development of customs authorities up to the year of 2010, and a significant event on the threshold of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Russian Customs Service.

Employment of innovative technologies by customs authorities confirms purposefulness of the administration of the Federal Customs Service of Russian Federation in respect of improvement of quality of carrying out of customs procedures and, as a result, maximum promotion of foreign economic activity. Vladimir Malinin ear-marked: “We anticipate a considerable growth of freight flow relating to foreign trade commodities. Setting up of the customs station at the customs terminal provides participants of foreign trade with a comfortable procedure of customs clearance”.