Head of the FCS of Russia inaugurated the Chinese customs terminal “Druzhba”

      Inauguration of “Druzhba” – the first Chinese customs terminal, located within the territory of the Russian Federation, took place on August 1, 2006 in the village of Doubrovki, Solnechnogorsk area, Moscow region. The opening ceremony was attended by Andrei Belyaninov, Head of the Federal Customs Service and Mr. Lu Guchang, Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to the Russian Federation as well as other high-ranking officials, representing Russian and Chinese parties. 

 In his address to official persons and members of the press, Andrei Belyaninov made a statement that “the FCS of Russia laid special emphasis on streamlining of Russian-Chinese trade turnover and counteracting “gray” import. He expressed hope that Chinese party would attract to operation of the terminal “leading state enterprises, which will strictly observe the customs legislation of the Russian Federation”.

The terminal, put in commission, includes a limited storage site, a free storage area. The customs control area will make up 7042 sq. meters. At the same time it is expected to open office space with the floor area of 500 sq. meters. The choice of the depot complex location is successful as well as it is situated in the center of a large transport nodal point: 2 km. away from the motor way Moscow – St. Petersburg, 500 meters from “Sheremetyevo-I Airport; 2 km. from the rail terminal of “Lobnya” 2 and 17 km. from the Northern riverside station.

This customs terminal presents a pilot project, intended to promote comprehensive development of the Russian-Chinese trade turnover, which is expected to reach $60-80 billion by the year of 2010. Its realization is being accomplished in the framework of the Chinese efforts to elaborate an effective algorithm of bilateral cooperation, providing for steadfast adherence of the customs legislation of the Russian Federation. The most active line of this activity is pursued by the state enterprise “The Center of Development of Trade and Management of Investments in Europe” (People’s Republic of China), which, enjoying support of the Chinese Government, already in 1999 initiated the large-scale activities on allocation of capital investments in Russia. These activities resulted, in particular, in establishing of the Trading House “Druzhba”. Since 2005 the Center has entered upon construction of the Chinese customs terminal situated near Moscow, the project directly managed by a specially established affiliated company the Trade and Exhibition Center of Chinese Merchandize LLC, enjoying all possible support of the State Property Committee of the Russian Federation (GOSCOMIMUSCHESTVO) and the Ministry of Trade of People’s Republic of China.

In the framework of the implemented project the process is underway to attract to the Russian market large Chinese enterprises, interested in modifying of image of goods, manufactured in China, and in decreasing of “gray” import from the Underheaven. These objectives are in full agreement with actions of the FCS, which makes control over importation of goods from a number of world regions more stringent, including China, with the purpose of elimination of illegal deliveries of goods from abroad into Russian customs territory and ensuring of well-balanced solution of the problem of fixing of customs value of legal goods. Besides, governmental authorities of the Russian Federation not unfoundedly take into account that attraction of Chinese national capital will enable them to solve the problem of so called “shuttles” by way of attaching to them modern civilized forms of foreign economic activity in the framework of creation of large trade structures.