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The FCS of Russia and Federal Service of Agricultural Supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor) have signed the Agreement on cooperation in providing and receipt of information
On December 27th, 2005 Alexander Zherikhov, Head of the FCS of Russia and Sergey Dankvert, Head of Rosselkhoznadzor signed the Agreement on cooperation in providing and receipt of information. It has become the 18th agreement on information exchange signed by the FCS of Russia and other agencies in this year.

The parties intended to exchange the information on the federal level and to familiarize their territorial authorities by means of their departmental information networks. The Agreement on exchange of the information shall be instrumental in accelerating of decision taking by the executives of customs authorities on issue of goods in free circulation in the territory of the Russian Federation on the basis of reliable and actual information, in minimization of the risks of impairing life or health of citizens, and to state or personal property. At the same time, the Agreement should provide for the removal of the excessive administrative barriers in issuing of authorization documents and using them while customs clearance by means of electronic declaring and simplification of customs procedures both at the border and also in the locations of the delivery destinations.

At the ceremony of signing Alexander Zherikhov reminded that customs service gives authorization for the issue of goods in free circulation, only on the basis of authorization documents issued by other control and supervision agencies, numbering twenty in Russia. Rosselkhoznadzor is a leading agency, responsible for the prevention of penetration from the abroad of contagious diseases of animals and humans, plant pests, agents of diseases of quarantine importance for the Russian Federation, as well as for the prevention of importation of the goods inferior in terms of veterinary-sanitary and phytosanitary defense. That is why it is important to organize modern information exchange with the purpose of obtaining timely information, required for taking decisions when crossing the border. Quoting Alexander Zherikhov, this Agreement may become later one of the first steps towards the creation of the common data base of control and supervisory authorities; the idea of which was introduced in the Concept of the development of Customs authorities.

Sergey Dankvert noted, that he was satisfied with the level of cooperation between the FCS of Russia and Rosselkhoznadzor. He spoke highly of the work on development of the information technologies carried out by the FCS of Russia and confirmed the necessity of setting up the common data base.