The annual conference “The Customs and business – partners’ relations”


Organized by The Moscow Times and Price WaterhouseCoopers, the annual conference “The Customs and business – partners’ relations” was held on the 2nd of December, 2005. The conference was attended by L.A.Lozbenko, Deputy Head of the FCS of Russia, representatives of administrations the FCS of Russia, executives of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Finance.

       On the part of business community the conference was attended by members of the following companies: SGS LOGISTICS, “TNT”, “Ernest and Young”, “Targo Group”, “Pepelyaev, Goldsblatt and partners” and others.

       Taking the chair, Alexander Dragounov, director of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, made a note of important role of the world’s customs services in pursuance of assurance of security of goods supply chains. He pointed out that the Russian customs service demonstrates dynamic development and ability for establishing partnership relations with corporate world.

        In his address, L.A.Lozbenko, Deputy Head of the FCS of Russia, touched upon the primary trends of development of the customs service in 2006, the expected changes in the region of customs activities. He stressed the importance of teamwork of customs and business companies, apprised the conference participants of the primary trends of  customs world-wide development, emphasing that the global customs system has found itself standing on the extremely important crossing, when drastic changes of the customs operating principles are at stake. Customs services of various countries change from disunity to close mutual cooperation on one hand, and with business – on the other. These changes are conditional on the Template Standards of Security and Trade Facilitation, adopted at the Session of the World Customs Organization in June, 2005. Participants of Foreign Trade should be ready to restructure their relations with customs in the near future; the case in point is furnishing of preliminary information, introduction of the conception of authorized economic operator, enjoying the most favorable operation conditions, as well as the access provided for customs officers to a definite layer of information of IT-systems of participants of Foreign Trade. All these innovations will require serious institutional development of the customs service as well as introduction of amendments into the effective legislation. The Deputy Head of the Customs Service informed that at present time the work is underway to introduce the most essential, pressing amendments into the RF Customs Code.

       The Conference participants discussed the principle trends of development of the customs service for the year of 2006, the innovations in the area of tariff and non-tariff regulation, the projected changes in the area of collection of customs charges, the practices of application of customs treatments and other issues, being concern of the Conference participants.

       Corresponding meetings play a role of vital importance in cooperation of business-community with authorities of executive and legislative power. The members of business companies marked significance of these meetings and requested to continue the team-work at solution of these problems.