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The Federal Customs Service (FCS) of Russia and the National Association of Customs Dealers (NATB) have signed an Agreement

The First All-Russian Conference of customs dealers, organized by the National Association of Customs Dealers (Qualified), was opened on November 17th 2005 in Moscow with the assistance of the Federal Customs Service of Russia. Alexander Zherikhov, Head of the FCS of Russia, and Anatoly Kruglov, President of the NATB, signed an Agreement on cooperation.

Anatoly Kruglov, Head of the National Association
of Customs Dealers, and Alexander Zherikhov,
Head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia,
at the press conference

The Agreement was signed on the assumption of the necessity of joining efforts to develop favorable conditions for foreign trade economic activities and for the entities engaged in the field of customs. It was acknowledged that it was necessary to promote further simplification of customs formalities and enhancement of conditions facilitating the level of services in the field of customs corresponding to the accepted international standards. It was stressed that stability and predictability of the services market in the field of customs was of paramount importance; and that the capabilities of the Association as a nonprofit organization were instrumental in achieving the set goals, with the purpose of realizing the provisions of the Customs Code of the Russian Federation, increasing the efficiency of the tasks imposed on both sides, and developing information, procedural and scientific-technical cooperation.

It is stipulated in the Agreement that the Association shall represent the interests of its members to the FCS of Russia, as well as of Russian and foreign organizations and individuals who are non-members of the Association, but who have delegated such authority to the Association.

Signing of the Agreement on cooperation

The Parties shall cooperate in the following major directions: supporting the interests of business in the field of customs; implementing the obligations of participants in foreign trade, and of persons engaged in the field of customs (suretyship and other means of collateral security); upgrading the customs legislation of the Russian Federation with the purpose of its compliance with international standards in the field of customs; ensuring information awareness of Russian and foreign participants in foreign trade activities regarding the existing customs legislation of the Russian Federation; upgrading existing technology and implementation of new technologies; facilitating the acceleration of customs post handling, customs clearance of goods and means of transport conveyed across the customs border of  the Russian Federation, including preliminary informing, electronic declaring and other innovation technologies; developing a system of additional professional training in the field of customs, organization of specialist training in foreign trade activity and customs clearance; exchanging information on issues of mutual interest to the parties; and conducting joint events.

The Parties have undertaken relevant obligations with the purpose of implementing the Agreement.
Alexander Zherikhov said at the ceremony for the signing of the Agreement: “Further modernization of customs administration is impossible without the active development of the institute of customs dealers. Public organizations of dealers are playing a special role in this process.” He stressed the ever-growing cooperation between the FCS of Russia and the NATB, which has been further confirmed by signing the Agreement. “I hope that this Agreement is going to become an important milestone and the basis of further progress in cooperation between customs authorities and customs dealers,” said А.Е. Zherikhov.