bulavinvi_eng Vladimir Ivanovich Bulavin
 Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation
The Far Eastern Customs Administration (DVTU) has taken part in work on price-lists of imported motor vehicles together with auto dealers

On November 3rd, 2005 in the Far Eastern Customs Administration (DVTU) there was conducted a briefing on the issues of importation of second hand motor vehicles and definition of their customs value. Ernest Bakhshetsian, the Head of DVTU and Valentina Usova, Deputy Head in charge of economic activity of the DVTU participated in the briefing.

 E.Bakhshetsian notified that the Far Eastern Customs Administration (DVTU) continued work to define indubitable prices for second hand Japanese cars and to draw up the price-lists on the basis of this information. Currently, the representative of the five major customs of the Far East, namely, from Vladivostok customs, Nahodka customs, Khasanskaya customs, Kamchatka customs and Vanino customs, through which the major flow of such motor vehicles was imported, started to work on this matter in the premises of the DVTU. Their task was to draw up proposals of composition of a general price-list for motor vehicles imported from Japan and other countries of the Asian-Pacific region.

The Far Eastern Customs Administration (DVTU) invited everybody, engaged in importation of motor vehicles through the customs of the Far East, to join in discussion of the issues of defining the costs of motor vehicles and drawing up of the price-lists in the period from November 7th to November 10th. The contact telephone number for reference is: 41-41-40 – Leonid Ivanovich Gurin, Head of Federal Customs Revenues of the DVTU.

The price-lists prepared in such way would be sent for appraisement to the Federal Customs Service of Russia. The price-lists, after their approval in the FCS of Russia, would be forwarded to customs offices to be used for the purpose of defining the customs value of motor vehicles in situations when the documents provided by an importer would be insufficient to determine the real value of a motor vehicle being imported.

As advised E.Bakhshetsian, Head of the DVTU, the price lists would be introduced approximately from January 1rst, 2006, judging on the volume of work to be carried out both by the Far Eastern customs officers as well as by their colleagues in Moscow.

Therefore, the rumors that the price-lists had already been distributed between the customs terminals and were to be introduced from December the 1rst were not true.

 The Far Eastern Customs Administration (DVTU) officially stated: all interested entities would be notified well in advance about the introduction of the price-lists by means of mass communication media.