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bulavinvi_eng Vladimir Ivanovich Bulavin
 Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation
Meeting of V.Shamakhov with Sergei Darkin, Governor of Primorski Krai, in Vladivostok

On October 12, Vladimir Shamakhov, Deputy Head of the FCS of Russia, arrived in Vladivostok from Moscow under the instructions of German Gref, Minister of Economics and Trade Development. The main purpose of the visit was a meeting with the Governor of Primorski Krai on issues which have arisen in connection with the importation of foreign-made cars from Japan.

 The meeting between V.Shamakhov and Sergei Darkin, Governor of Primorski Krai, took place in the Conference House. The meeting was attended by Alexander Vorobiyov, Deputy Head of the Far East Customs Administration (FECA), Valentina Usova, Deputy Head of Economic Activity for the FECA, Igor Litvinov, Head of the Internal Security Service of the FECA, Youry Popov and Evgeny Ovechkin, Vice Governors and Sergei Azhimov, Head of the Legal Department of Administration of Primorski Krai. After considering the situation concerning car importation from Japan and the determination of the cars’ customs value, the parties arrived at the conclusion that several aspects of the policy proposed by the FECA must be revised due to incompleteness of forecast of the policy’s effects.

Vladimir Shamakhov pointed out that the letter of instruction of the FECA, carrying into effect the mini-catalogue, is a departmental document of an advisory nature and must be applied with consideration to the importation peculiarities of each specific motorcar.

The issue of determining the customs value of motorcars was addressed by the governor, Sergei Darkin, who expressed an interest in improving interaction between customs and representatives of the motor industry.

In the course of discussions on the situation regarding the importation of motorcars from Japan, the parties arrived at the conclusion that it was practicable to suspend the FECA’s instruction letter until the FCS of Russia had completed its expert examination of these catalogues in full.