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bulavinvi_eng Vladimir Ivanovich Bulavin
 Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation
Meeting of the FCS executive officers with members of Express-Carriers Association

Mr. Leonid Lozbenko, Deputy Head of the FSC of Russia, conducted a meeting with the companies – members of the Association of Express Carriers. The meeting was held with participation of representatives of DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, Freight Link/Pony Express.

While opening the meeting, Mr. L.Lozbenko made a statement on the full concurrence of the general line of development of the FCS and the interests of express-carriers. “Our mutual slogan - strictly on schedule and from door to door”, he said, pointing out that the express-carriers’ wishes must conform to capacities of the Customs service.

Mr. Dimitry Tcheltsov, Director of Russian Operations of TNT, thanked the FCS administration for effective cooperation and reminded that since 1999, in the framework of the constructive dialogue with the Association, the FCS has produced more than 50 regulatory acts pertinent to activities of express-carriers, including several fundamental orders and instructions, such as the “Standard Procedure of Customs Control and Clearance of Express Commodities, Conveyed Across the Customs Border of the Russian Federation by Specialized Forwarding Companies”, approved by the Order of the FCS of Russia, № 676, dated 06/10/1999.

At the same time, some of these documents require being kept up to date. Besides, current problems have accumulated within the activity of express-carriers, which need to be solved by the customs service and by other departments as well as by legislative authorities. Discussion of these problems became the key issues of the meeting.

Particularly, at issue was the problem of drafting of a new wording of the Order № 676 for the purpose of bringing it into line with the new Customs Code. It was pointed to the current absence of statutory established conception of express-carriage and of express-commodities and of their differences. The express-carriers would be willing to eliminate associating of a customs carrier with means of transport, available to him and admitted for carriage under customs control. Also, the company representatives raised the issues of identification of the minimum level of commodity value, providing for exemption from tax duties and exclusion of application of measures of non-tariff regulation, which demands introduction of amendments to Article 310 of the Customs Code of the Russian Federation; the possibility of multimodal (land – air – land) domestic customs transit by transport means not owned by a carrier; the possibility of carriage of customs and not customs by the same means of transport, etc.

On all issues within competence of the customs service, the express-carriers were advised to present their expanded proposals, so that together with the FCS, respective departments to be able to arrive at mutually acceptable decisions.