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“Transparent Business” to be Less Checked in the Customs

Creating favorable conditions for running a business in the Russian Federation, the FCS of Russia applies measures to minimize the risks of conscientious Foreign Economic Activity participants.

From now on, a Foreign Economic Activity participant can address the FCS of Russia with a request to perform the analysis of the information about "transparent business running" that can become the basis to facilitate the passing of some customs control procedures (e.g. customs inspection of the goods).

The "green sector” creation became possible as the result of significant work, carried out by the Russian FCS on technology development, directed to facilitate the customs procedures for conscientious Foreign Economic Activity participants, by means of taking selective measures to minimize the risks.

The Federal Customs Service of Russia issued and initialized the functioning of the Orders, which establish operational procedures of information accumulation and processing for Customs officials to define the degree of optionality for taking measures to minimize the risks in regard to the persons, who import certain goods categories: car components and spare parts, as well as units and assemblies, used for industrial assembly of motor vehicles and other joint products on the territory of the Russian Federation (Order of the FCS of Russia № 1945, dated 26.09.2011); import raw materials, equipment and components, used for industrial activities (Order of the FCS of Russia № 1948, dated 26.09.2011); the goods, classified in Group 03, commodity items 1604, 1605, sub position 1603 00 of Customs Union Commodity Classification of Foreign Economic Activity (Order of the FCS of Russia №2125, dated 17.10.2011).

In the framework of implementation of the foresaid technologies provisions, Customs officials perform the analysis of Foreign Economic Activity parties to identify the compliance with the criteria, stated by the Russian FCS Orders.

By the Russian FCS Orders it is established that the address of a person to the FCS of Russia can be regarded as the grounds to carry out the accumulation and analysis of the information on the activity of the Foreign Economic Activity participant to define the degree of optionality for taking measures to minimize the risks in regard to the transported goods. Blank samples, placed in the Appendix to the foresaid procedures, can be used by the person’s address.