Customs Officers of Russia and Germany cut drug traffic from Latin America to Russia

From 11 to 29 January 2012, the officers of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the Federal Security Service of Russia and the Customs Police of Germany (ZKA) managed to successfully accomplish the set of operational procedures to cut the stable traffic of drugs from Latin America countries to Russia.

During the activities, directed to detection and preclusion of drug smuggling which follow the channels of international and express-courier post, on 11th January 2012, the employees of the operation Customs of Frankfort on the Main detected an international postal item, sent from Lima (Peru) to Moscow, with 2 kg of vegetable matter, containing the narcotic substance “mescaline”.

In the framework of the international collaboration of the law-enforcement departments of the Customs Authorities of Russia and Germany, on 12 January 2012 the representatives of ZKA proposed to the Russian FCS to carry out the international operation in the emerged circumstances.

The FCS of Russia in cooperation with the anti-drug traffic departments of the Central Region and the Federal Security Service of Russia carried out the activities for definition and detention of all the people, involved in organization and functioning of the foresaid drug traffic.

A group of 4 people was detained by the members of the joint operational group, consisting of the Russian FCS and FSB officers on 25th January, during the successful accomplishment of the last stage of the operation. The criminal group was engaged in the shipment of metragynine and the vegetable matter, containing the narcotic substance “mescaline”, from Peru to Moscow, and then sold the drugs within the territory of Russia.

The organizers of that criminal business were Russian citizens, the virtual store owners, selling different goods of vegetable matter (mushrooms, tea, flowers, seeds, etc.), including those that intoxicate a human body. Resellers and delivery men were used for purchasing the goods. They received drugs to their mail addresses and sold them via virtual stores.

In the framework of operational and investigative procedures, house-checks of all the criminal group members were done. As the result, vegetable matter substances of the total weight of more than 100 kg, including drugs, such as metragynin, hashish, marijuana, psilocybin, were detected and withdrawn.

On 25th January 2012 the criminal case was initiated upon the fact of illegal drug traffic in especially big amount, according to Part 4 Article 229.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

In respect of the drug traffic organizers, the pre-trail restraint is imposed, i.e. detention in custody.

The investigation continues.

For information:

Mescaline - is psychedelic alkaloid that is produced from several cacti species (e.g. Peyote) which grow in Latin America and can also be synthesized in laboratories. It belongs to psychedelic substances and impacts the work of sense organs. Its traffic is prohibited on the territory of Russia.