TODAY IS SUNDAY, JUNE 16, 2019, 6:54:16 PM
FCS Representatives Had Meeting with Japanese Businessmen

The Russian FCS representatives took part in the Conference of the Customs Committee under the Japanese Business Club. The experts in customs issues of such big companies, as Panasonic CIS, Sharp Electronics, Mitsubishi Electric Europe, Nikon LLC, Kintetsu World Express, NYK Line, Nippon Express and others were present on the part of Japan.

Topical issues, constituting the concern of many Japanese businessmen, were discussed during the Conference. Thus, Mr. Leonid Savitsky, Deputy Director of the Analytical Department, told about implementation and perspectives of the Concept of customs registration and control in the areas in the vicinity of the Russian State Border.

Mr. Pavel Rudakov, Senior State Customs Inspector of the Main Directorate of Customs Registration and Control Organization, explained in detail the procedure of obtaining the status of Authorized Economic Operator. The questions about the control over the customs value of goods in the framework of the risk management system and the possibility to submit unbiased and actual value data from the Japanese producers to the Customs Authorities were touched during the meeting. The Customs Service representatives gave exhaustive answers to all the questions that were asked during the Conference.

The Japanese businessmen highly appraised the level of proficiency of the dialogue. Concluding the meeting, the parties expressed their hope for further tight and fruitful collaboration.




The Japanese Business Club was created in the fiftieth of the 20th century for the reasons of meetings and support of those Japanese, who were working in Moscow. Nowadays, the Japanese Business Club unifies more than 200 companies and 40 individuals who are interested in investments and business development on the territory of the Russian Federation. Due to the fact, that customs issues are highly urgent for Japanese businessmen, the Customs Committee was created under the Club. The Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO) fulfils the functions of the Customs Committee Secretariat.