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FCS of Russia Develops Information Analysis with WCO

On 3-5 of July the 4th seminar devoted to customs enforcement network “CEN” took place in the Federal Customs Service of Russia. It was organized for the heads of national communication centres of the Regional Communication Centre for law enforcement activities of the World Customs Organization on CIS countries RILO-Moscow, Customs Services of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Russia and the officers of law enforcement departments of Customs Authorities of Russia. The seminar was also attended by the students of the Institute of Law Enforcement Activity of the Russian Customs Academy, studying within the CPE program “Organization of the international law enforcement cooperation”.

The training was provided by specialist of “CEN” Group of the World Customs Organization Agnieszka Butrim-Bielatko and the RILO-Moscow office’s staff. The role and the structure of the WCO, special features of the WCO law enforcement systems, regional and national communication centres, as well as the questions of functioning of the Global RILO Network, the latest version of the law enforcement network, “CENcomm” and “nCEN” were discussed.

The participants have mastered the program "Use of “CEN” database ". They have undertaken an intensive course of the global law enforcement network data analysis and, in particular, have learned to enter the information on the detention of highly dangerous forms of smuggling into the database. After the seminar, all the participants successfully passed the tests and received the WCO certificates, confirming their right to work in “CEN” network.

Moreover, within the framework of the seminar, on 6 of July a working meeting of representatives of the Russian FCS and Independent Non-profit Organization “Organising Committee “Sochi 2014” with participation of CIS countries’ representatives on protection of the Olympic and Paralympic symbols was held. The parties discussed the issues of interdepartmental cooperation, as well as inclusion of Olympic logos in national customs registers. In addition, the main domains of “Sochi 2014” Organising Committee activities were presented.

Taking into account the preparation for operational period “Sochi 2014” of RILO-Moscow international project, the Organising Committee “Sochi 2014” also informed the participants about the international legal framework, concerning the possible measures, that can be taken by the customs authorities of CIS member states to protect the Olympic and Paralympic symbols in regard to intellectual property objects, which are not included in the national customs registers.