TODAY IS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2018, 2:33:00 PM
Priority for Multilateral Cooperation

On 25-30 of June the 67th session of the WCO Political Committee and 119/120 session of the WCO Council took place in Brussels (Belgium). The Russian FCS delegation, participating in the event, was headed by Deputy Head of FCS of Russia Mr. Ruslan Davydov and was comprised of the Customs Collaboration Department officers, Central Customs (Cynological Centre of the Russian FCS) and the Russian FCS representative in Belgium.

During the sessions, the topical issues of international customs collaboration in the multilateral format, as well as certain aspects of WCO activities were considered.

On 30 of June the ceremony of award of the status of Regional Cynological Centre of the World Customs Organization to the Central Customs (Cynological Centre of the Russian FCS) took place.