TODAY IS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2018, 7:08:08 PM
Meeting of Heads of Customs Services of Russia and Poland

On 13 of June, 2012 the delegation of the Federal Customs Service, led by its Head Mr. Andrey Belyaninov, paid a working visit to Warsaw (Poland) and met Customs Service Director of the Republic of Poland Mr. Jacek Kapica.

During the meeting, the Protocol between the Federal Customs Service and the Customs Service of the Republic of Poland on the concept of pilot project “Green Channel” in Mamonovo-Gzehotka car check point in the Russian-Polish state border was signed. This project will enable the persons, crossing the border by their own cars and having no goods, which are liable for compulsory declaring, to follow a special line, where customs operations are minimized. It will allow to drastically reduce the border crossing time.

The parties also discussed further actions to strengthen the collaboration between the Customs Services of Russia and Poland.