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Meeting of Subcommittee for Customs Procedures of Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum Took Place

On 21-24 of May, 2012 the second session of Subcommittee for customs procedures of the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation and coincided to it the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Dialogue “Customs-Business” took place in Kazan within the framework of “Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation” Forum.

Twenty delegations of Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation member states and business representatives took part in the event, chaired by the Russian FCS. The delegation of the Russian Federal Customs Service, headed by Deputy Head of Customs Cooperation Department of the Russian FCS Mr. Alexey Dyshlyk, comprised the staff of the Customs Cooperation Department, Main Department for Customs Registration and Control, IT Main Department, Trade Restrictions, Currency and Export Control Department, as well as Privolzhsky Customs Department.

The Subcommittee continued to consider the questions, raised in the framework of Japanese and American chairmanship, including: state-of-the-art customs information technologies, frame standards of supply chains’ cohesion, implementation of “Single window” principle in border checkpoints, intellectual property rights protection, increase of the authorized economic operators’ role, restoration of trade in the context of overcoming of natural disaster consequences and recession recovery, as well as risk control systems and others.

During the session the Russian FCS gave presentations on customs IT and electronic document flow, as well as on particularities of the Legislation and the experience of the Customs Authorities of the Russian Federation in intellectual property rights protection.