Session of Russian-Finnish Permanent Interdepartmental Working Group on Customs Affairs

From 10th to 12th October, 2012, a regular session of Russian-Finnish Permanent Interdepartmental Working Group on Customs Affairs, organized by the Russian-Finnish intergovernmental Committee for Trade and Economic Collaboration, took place in Naantali town, Finland.  

The Russian FCS delegation was headed by Deputy Head of FCS of Russia Mr. Ruslan Davydov. From the side of Finland there was Mr. Jarkko Saksa, Deputy Director General of the Main Customs Agency.

The agenda of the Session included the topical issues of collaboration between the Customs Services of both countries, i.e. coordination of joint efforts, aimed to prevent  the accumulation of waiting lines in the Russian-Finnish border vehicle check points, under the conditions of cargo and passenger transportation growth. Moreover, the extension of the information exchange, the modernization of borderline and customs facilities, as well as the risk analysis and risk management were discussed.

During the meeting, special attention was paid to the improvement of collaboration efficiency of allied regional and territorial Customs Authorities.

Furthermore, both Customs Services agreed to expand their collaboration in the sphere of railway customs control, customs personnel training and the development of cynological services.

During the meeting, Mr. Davydov and Mr. Saksa signed the Protocol between the Federal Customs Service (the Russian Federation) and the Main Customs Agency of the Republic of Finland about the measures of customs control over nuclear and other radioactive substances, transported across the Russian-Finnish border.

Next meeting of the working group is scheduled to be held in the first semester of 2013 in Russia.