13th International Exhibition «Customs Service - 2012»

On 23d of October, 2012, the 13th International Exhibition “Customs Service - 2012” was opened in Moscow on the territory of the “Expocentr” exhibition centre. The Exhibition is taking place just before the Day of the Russian Federation Customs Officer, which is celebrated on 25th of October.

The Exhibition was opened by Mr. Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia.

The Exhibition has got the status of the official exhibition of the Customs Services of the Customs Union member states and involves Mr. Andrey Belyaninov, Head of the Federal Customs Service, Mr. Alexander Shpilevsky, Chairman of the National Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus and Mr. Magit Esenbaev, Chairman of the Customs Control Committee of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The international prestige of the Exhibition is being raised. Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General of the World Customs Organization, and Mr. Igor Kaletnik, Chairman of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, are among the guests of honours of the Exhibition. The Heads of the Customs Services of Abkhazia, Hong Kong, Latvia, Turkey, Finland, the Philippines, Estonia, Ethiopia and South Ossetia, as well the delegations of the Customs Administrations of Azerbaijan, Brazil, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, and other countries arrived in Moscow at the invitation of the Russian FCS Head. In total, Delegations of the Customs Administrations from 21 countries (in 2010 there were 10) arrived in Moscow to take part in the International Forum.

The extension of full-scale expositions of foreign Customs Services is convincing proof of the Exhibition international prestige. This year it contains the expositions of the Customs Administrations of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine and Estonia.

The Exhibition area stretches for about 7, 000 m2 . There are 119 exhibitors in total.  The Russian FCS Authorities and Departments, Russian and foreign companies, which are Foreign Economic Activity participants, Customs representatives, carriers, the owners of temporary storage and customs warehouses, logistics, development and other companies, which render their services for foreign commerce, were among them.

The Exhibition clearly demonstrates present-day achievements in the domain of Customs. The visitors can find out more about electronic declaring, preliminary informing, information technologies and software of the Customs and Foreign Economic Activity participants, as well as about security systems and technical means of control. Besides, the exposition of the customs control means designers from Singapore and USA will be presented.

A particular attention of the customs experts will be paid to the demonstration of the latest IT products of the Russian FCS. For example, here one can find out more about functioning of the systems, fulfilling electronic declaration data processing.

The agenda of «Customs Service - 2012» Exhibition comprises two other events, the significance of which gets beyond the scope of the Customs activities. The XIX-XX century icons, detained at the attempt of their illegal export (more than 750 icons and religious purpose items), will be returned to the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. The solemn ceremony of defacing of the “Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia” envelope will also take place. Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Russian Post” timed the event to coincide with the 5th Anniversary of the Agreement for Customs Union Creation.

The Exhibition proposes a vast and intense business agenda. On October 23 the 4th International Conference “Customs and Business: international and regional aspects of collaboration - 2012”, dedicated to the topic “Customs Policy on the stage of Customs Union functioning and single economic space creation” will take place. For the second day of Exhibition, it was planned to hold round table discussions, devoted to the topical issues of customs, transport and logistics. Before the Exhibition closing, the awarding ceremony for the winners of “Customs Olympus - 2012” Competition will take place. “Customs Olympus” award makes special mention of the organizations, working in the Customs activity domain that achieved the most remarkable success in foreign commerce and implementation of innovative customs technologies, as well as provided the transparency of customs procedures. The Competition represents a type of the quality recognition of the Customs services rendered. More than 30 enterprises were recognized as prize-winners in 2012.

Traditionally, the exposition and business programme attract big public interest to the Exhibition. In 2011, more than 8 thousand people visited this expo.