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Russian FCS Executed Large-scale Operations to Terminate Drug Smuggling Channels from Latin America to Russia

The results of the Russian Customs Authorities’ work, their analysis and the operating conditions give evidence that the major part of the drugs, produced in Latin America, continue to come to Russia in illegal batches, along the steady and well-covered channels. These channels are under control of organized international criminal groups that have an extensive international and interregional network.

Taking into account all the specific features of the mentioned above drug shipments, such as the connection with certain consumers of such goods, who, as a rule, have quite a high income level, as well as prevailing transport costs, it becomes apparent that the most efficient way to fight with such type of international crimes is the collaboration of law enforcement authorities of the states, which are on the way of drug traffic.

The on-going experience of the cooperation with foreign colleagues has shown that the most effective method of identification and arrest in flagrante of a complete group of smugglers can be plurilateral international and interdepartmental operations.

Thus, during the period of September 26 – October 19, the law enforcement departments of the Russian FCS in collaboration with the Customs Police of Germany carried out three successful operations.

At the end of September, 2012 the information about three suspicious-looking postal items, coming from Latin America in transit through Germany to the cities of Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Yakutsk by the international mail channels, was forwarded from the German Customs Police (ZKA) in Cologne to Main Department for Smuggling Control of the Russian FCS. The German colleagues carried out the preliminary check, which showed that the aforementioned parcels contained mescaline drug.

Having thoroughly analyzed the situation, the Russian FCS management decided to carry out an international operation in regard of these three parcels together with ZKA and area subdivisions of the law enforcement authorities of Russia, aiming to find out and initiate criminal proceedings against the people, who are participating in this drug trafficking.

The proactive action stage took place during the period of September 26 – October 19 simultaneously in Yakutsk, St.-Petersburg and Moscow. Accurate and well-coordinated actions of the Russian FCS officers, as well as the use of a vast range of operational forces and measures determined the successful ending of the operations.

As the result, on October 12, 2012 a citizen, born in 1990, was arrested in flagrante with 892 g of mescaline in Yakutsk, on October 16, a citizen, born in 1979, was arrested with 486 g of mescaline in Moscow, and on October 19, 2012 a citizen, born in 1984, was arrested with 471 g of mescaline in St.-Petersburg. All the apprehended people are the citizens of Russia.

For the moment, criminal cases upon all the episodes were initiated, according to Article 229.1 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code; the investigation is in process.

Meanwhile, on October 17, 2012 ZKA forwarded the information to Main Department for Smuggling Control of the Russian FCS through the Mission of the Russian Federation Customs Service in the Federal Republic of Germany that on October 17, 2012, the Citizen of Peru, born in 1983, arrived from San-Paulo airport to the airport of Frankfort-upon-the Mein (Germany). In three bags placed in her suitcase there were hiding places, where she was trying to carry illegally about 2 kg of cocaine. On that day, she was planning to take a flight to Moscow (Sheremetyevo airport).

With the approval of the German side, the Russian FCS took a decision to carry out an international controlled shipment of the detected drug batch.

Upon arrival of the Peru citizen to Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow on 18th of October, 2012, a series of investigative measures has been taken by Sheremetyevo Customs and the Russian Federal Security Service subdivisions. After leaving the customs control area, the woman was arrested. Moreover, she was to be met by the man to hand over the suitcase with drugs inside. This man, born in 1981, was apprehended as well. Afterwards, as the result of the search in one of Moscow hotels, where this man was living, a classic smuggler suitcase with a double bottom, as well as his other personal belongings that can possibly have something to do with his complicity with the drug channel functioning were found.

The criminal case, according to Article 229.1 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code, was initiated upon this fact by Sheremetyevo Customs. Nowadays, a range of operational measures and urgent investigation actions are being carried out.