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Meeting of First Deputy Head of Russian FCS and Delegation of International Commerce Commission of European Parliament

On October 31, 2012, Mr. Malinin, First Deputy of Russian FCS met the Delegation of the International Commerce Commission of the European Parliament that was led by its President, Prof. Moreira.

The representatives of Customs Collaboration Department, Main Department for Customs Registration and Customs Control, Main Department for Federal Customs Revenue and Tariff Regulation participated in the meeting form the Russian side. From the European side, the European Parliament members and the representatives of the European Union Delegation in Moscow attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Mr. Malinin pointed out, that the International commerce assistance is the priority for the Russian FCS. The European Delegation was well informed about the Russian FCS activities directed to facilitate the transportation routine of goods and vehicles across the Customs Union Customs border, in particular, the guests were informed about “Green Channel” project that will contribute to fast cargo translocation for conscientious Foreign Economic Activity participants.

As the result of the meeting, the parties expressed their hope for further collaboration in a constructive dialogue form. The European Parliament Delegation highly assessed the Russian FCS activities in the domain of Customs Administration.