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ATA carnet: recomendation for use

If you are entering Russia from a country that issues ATA carnets, goods can be temporarily imported for use at the Games with certain customs benefits. Using an ATA carnet can help to simplify customs clearance of goods in any countries visited en route to Russia, providing those countries also participate in the ATA carnet system.

The ATA carnet is an international customs document issued for a certain fee by national chambers of commerce or other national associations authorized by the customs authorities in participating countries. The ATA carnet replaces the normal customs documentation required at the time of import and export.

The ATA carnet covers eligible goods temporarily imported for up to one year. It does not cover consumable goods, disposable items or goods intended for commercial use.

If the goods stay in Russia for a period longer than the validity of the ATA carnet (but not longer than one year), a replacement ATA carnet will need to be requested from the association that is- sued the first one. The new ATA carnet must be provided to the Russian customs authorities to be duly formalized. It is highly recommended to indicate in commercial documents accompanying the goods and in section C of the carnet “Intended use of goods” that the goods are designated for the Games or a respective Test Event. Although it is not obligatory to provide a confirmation letter from a holder of the ATA carnet about the designated use and the expected period of stay in Russia such letter may speed up the customs clearance process. Please note that the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee does not issue any confirmation letters for goods imported under the ATA system.

The issuing association may make a charge for the issue a carnet and will require the holder to provide them with a guarantee or other security to help ensure that the goods will be exported from the country being visited.

Goods eligible to be covered by the ATA carnet system

1.  Professional cinematographic equipment, and press, sound or television broadcasting equipment, including accessories

2.  Equipment for installation, testing, commissioning, checking, control, maintenance or repair of machinery, means of transport, etc.

3.  Goods necessary for business purposes (e.g. PCs, audio/video devices)

4.  Medical tools and instruments

5.  Equipment necessary for photography trips (cameras of all kinds, cassettes, exposure meters, lenses, tripods, accumulators, battery belts, battery chargers, monitors, lighting equipment, etc.)

6.  Goods for display or use at exhibitions, fairs, meetings or similar events

7.  Containers and other reusable tare.

Countries participating in the ATA carnet system

 An ATA carnet is only valid in the countries that are signatories to the Convention on Temporary Admission (Istanbul, 1990).

Benefits available if an ATA carnet is used

Using an ATA carnet:

• simplifies import/export customs clearance of goods by replacing customs documents that would normally be required

• provides financial security for customs duties potentially due on goods that will be used in the countries visited (i.e. Russia)

• helps to overcome language barriers and removes the need to complete unfamiliar customs forms

• allows the use of a single type of document along the entire route, regardless of the number of borders crossed (provided all countries visited are signatories to the Convention on Temporary Admission).


Please note that the ATA carnet system does not allow import goods without  permissive documents. Therefore, you may choose to either apply for the respective permissive documents to appropriate authorities in Russia or use the Sochi 2014 Customs Procedure that does not require presenting permissive documents for import.

How does ATA carnet work?

The carnet must be presented at customs each time goods are imported, exported or transported through a country. The carnet consists of a cover and vouchers to be used during entry and exit from each participating country visited. The cover sheet identifies the holder, address, intended use of the goods, which countries the carnet can be used in, and how long it is valid for.

Please accurately fill in the fields to ensure that the name of a holder of the ATA carnets and its representative, description, quantity and value of goods as well as other items are correct. You must include the exact name of an organization using the ATA carnet (e.g. “Sports Federation” instead of “Sports team”) who will act as an importer of record.

A person accompanying the goods, whose name is indicated in field B of the ATA carnet as the holder’s representative, or if field B does not specifically mention such representative but rather refers to “any authorized person” must have a respective power of attorney or letter of authorization from the holder of the ATA carnet.

You must present the ATA carnet with your temporarily imported goods to customs at the point of entry of the Russian territory. If the customs point at the border is authorized to accept the ATA carnets they will endorse a white voucher (“Importation counterfoil”). The white voucher will be removed and the carnet returned to you. This means that your goods are released through customs for temporary stay and can be delivered to the place of destination.

If the border customs authorities have no authority to customs clear goods under the ATA carnet system they should accept a blue voucher (“Transit counterfoil”) of the ATA carnet along with shipping and commercial documents as a transit declaration. In this case they will remove the blue voucher and return the carnet to you. Then the goods can be delivered to the respective inland customs office where you should be able to release your goods under the ATA carnet by presenting to customs the white voucher (“Importation counterfoil”).

After the use of the temporarily imported goods for designated purposes at the Games you will need to declare them for re-export under the ATA carnet. You may choose any customs office authorized to accept the ATA carnets to perform customs formalities for export. 

Since the Sochi Customs Procedure provides for additional advantages for import of Games- related goods you may choose to declare your goods under the Sochi 2014 Customs Procedure rather than release under the ATA carnet. In this case you should submit to customs a declaration form for the Sochi 2014 Customs Procedure instead of the white voucher (“Importation counterfoil”) of the ATA carnet. Please, however, note that in this case you will not be able to utilize this ATA carnet to bring the goods out of Russia to your home country.

Please note that the ATA carnet is not accepted as a transit customs document if your goods cross the CU border in Belarus and, therefore, it is highly recommendable to choose another logistics routes for goods covered by the ATA carnet. If it is not possible to avoid moving your goods across the territory  of Belarus please consult with your freight forwarder what procedure and/or financial security are required to pass the Belarus border and move your goods to the inland customs office in Russia.

Designated customs offices

Note that not all Russian customs offices are authorized to accept ATA carnets. Therefore, if you intend to bring goods into Russia under an ATA carnet, we advise that you check beforehand whether the customs office you plan to use is on the list of those entitled to carry out customs procedures for ATA carnet-covered goods. 

For more information on ATA carnets or for any practical advice, contact the Russian Chamber of Commerce at