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The FCS of Russia summed up the first results of the introduction on 20 June, 2012, of the private vehicle and motorcycle registration card, when crossing the Customs Border of the Customs Union.

The introduction of the registration card simplified the process of border crossing for foreign citizens living in border areas and crossing the border for personal purposes by car, as well as for the Russian Federation citizens living abroad. Now they do not have to fill in passenger customs declaration every time they cross the border.

The analysis has shown that, when the declaration is carried out with the use of a private vehicle and motorcycle registration card, the time required to perform customs operations is on average three times as less, compared to the cases, when the passenger customs declaration is to be filled in every time. Now the time necessary for crossing the customs border with the vehicle and motorcycle registration card comprises 2 minutes on average.

According to the figures of the second half of the year 2012, the vehicle and motorcycle registration cards were most frequently issued in the activity domain of the North-West Customs Office. The total number of issued registration cards is: in the North West - 68 430 pcs., the South of Russia- 4782 pcs., in Siberia - 2361 pcs., and the Central Region - 1858 pcs.

The number of vehicles, for which the registration cards were distributed repeatedly (two or more times), in the North West totaled 31195 pcs., in the South of Russia - 3151 pcs., Siberia - 155 pcs., and the Central Region - 743 pcs.

For information

The private vehicle and motorcycle registration card was introduced on June 20, 2012, in accordance with Order of the FCS of Russia № 2621, dated December 27, 2011, “About validation of Procedure of application of a registration card as a declaration by repeated Customs Union border crossing by vehicles and motorcycles for private use”.

The registration card is used by people, entering the Russian Federation by cars for personal purposes.

The registration card is valid only when the vehicle border checkpoints selected for border crossing are located in the region of one Customs Office activity. One more condition is that the vehicle owner is to cross the border at least once within every ten days. If this is not the case, it will be required to fill in a passenger customs declaration.