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On March 21, the participants of regular test competitions were met at the airport of Sochi. This time the international flight brought not athletes, but fans and guests of the speed skating competitions.

On board the plane that arrived from Amsterdam, there was more than 1.5 tons of baggage in addition to 111 passengers who were spectators and fans of the Dutch short track team.

Such a numerous group of foreign supporters was met at Sochi airport for the first time. However, the customs officers of the capital of the future Olympic Games were ready for such an invasion of fans. The customs clearance of passengers and goods in the accompanied baggage was carried out as soon as possible, i.e. all the necessary procedures took less than 25 minutes.

Mr. Dmitry Golovin, Head of the Sochi Airport Customs Station said, “We are interested not only in the quality of the customs control, but also in the speed of the foreign guest registration, that is why the customs control of the luggage belonging to arrived passengers is carried out in the luggage room, while foreign citizens are going through the passport control procedure. We realize our responsibility for the actions that we take, because we are the first ones who meet foreign guests. They are welcome in our country.”

For information:

Short track (Short track speed skating), or speed skating on a short track is a type of speed skating. During competitions, several athletes skate simultaneously on the oval ice track 111.12 m in length.

In 1967, the International Skating Union (ISU) took short track under its aegis. At the Olympic Games in 1988 in Calgary, short track was a demo sport, and was completely adopted by the Olympic family in 1992.

Short track for the USSR began its history since the Universiade in 1985 in Belluno (Italy). The first championship was held in the USSR in 1988.

Nowadays, in its homeland, U.S. and Canada, short track is more popular than classic speed skating sports.