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On April 5, 2013, the first session in the year 2013 of the “Customs Legislation Improvement” working group of the Foreign Investment Advisory Council in Russia (FIAC), under the chairmanship of Mrs.  Tatyana Golendeeva, state secretary - Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service, took place in the Russian Federal Customs Service. The experts in customs matters of such large companies, as Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Unilever, Mars, British American Tobacco, etc. attended the meeting as the business representatives.

At the meeting, fresh ideas for the development of customs procedures were discussed. Moreover, the possibility to correct declarations after the release of goods, the risk management system improvement, implementation of the mechanism of customs duty payment with a bank card, as well as further development of the electronic declaration were considered. The Federal Customs Service representatives commented on all the issues that arose at the meeting. According to Tatyana Golendeeva, a lot of proposals made by foreign representatives of the working group require further changes of the Customs Code of the Customs Union, the Administrative Violations Code, and the Customs Union Committee resolutions. She pointed out, “The Russian FCS is always ready to support reasonable legislatives attitudes”.

Mr. Rustam Khakimov, Deputy Head of the General Department for Federal Customs revenue and tariff regulation, informed the audience that forty customs departments are carrying out their experiment on remote customs duty payment with the use of chip cards by electronic declaration of goods. “Moreover, the customs payments are performed from the foreign trader’s workplace, without his/her physical presence in the Customs office” - he added.

Mr. Alexey Shashaev, Head of IT General Department, told about the plans of FCS of Russia to create “My Account” internet service, so that the registered foreign trader will get the access to the information about his/her international trade transactions, goods which are transported in line with the customs transit procedure, expenditures and other data.

The representatives of foreign investors, in their turn, expressed their gratitude to the Federal Customs officers for their fruitful analysis of the questions raised at previous meetings.

The following session is planned to be held in October, 2013.