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On May 28-30, 2013, the second World Cynological Forum will take place in the FCS of Russia.

The forum programme consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part will be held on May 28 in the form of the International Conference on the topic: "The role of canine services in the activities of customs authorities."

The practical part will be held on May 29 in the grounds of the Central Customs (Canine Center of the Russian Federal Customs Service). It includes an official opening ceremony at the basis of the Central Customs of the WCO Regional Canine Center, introduction to its educational and material resources, visit of the exhibition of foreign customs canine units, and shows of Russian and foreign cynologists with dogs.

Currently, applications for participation in the Forum were submitted by professional cynologists of the customs authorities of Germany, the UK, France, Finland, Japan, Turkey, Serbia, Argentina, Australia, China, Angola, Mongolia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Kazakhstan and other countries of the world.

For Information

By the decision of the WCO Law Enforcement Committee, the World Cynological Forum is held every two years. The first forum took place in January, 2011, in the WCO headquarters in Brussels. It was attended by 120 representatives from 60 WCO member-states and international organizations.