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9 th International Exhibition ”North-West Customs - 2013” Completed its Work

The aim of this exhibition that was held in St. Petersburg was to inform the community about the results and opportunities of the North-West Federal District Customs Authorities, as well as the establishment of an effective dialogue between the Russian and foreign Customs departments, legislative and executive authorities, and the most influential domestic and foreign traders.

The North-West Customs Department was the initiator of the Exhibition.

Mrs. Tatyana Golendeeva, State Secretary, Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, delivered her welcome speech at the opening ceremony.

This year 12 customs offices of the North-West, 5 ROSTEK companies, 22 foreign traders, as well as 3 foreign customs missions presented their expositions.

In 2013 the exhibition was attended by the representatives of the Customs Services of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. The representatives of consulates of Japan, Lithuania, Belgium also attended the opening of the exhibition.

Cargo and passenger flows through border checkpoints in the region is increasing each year, so is the number of submitted customs declarations. The communication on a variety of issues, concerning customs and law enforcement, is developing most intensively both with the Customs Services of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Belarus, as well as with foreign countries.

The expositions featured: the use of IT, deployment of the Concept of relocation of customs clearance points which are situated close to the border in the North-West Federal District, a large-scale work directed at the development of border areas, and creation of customs and logistics terminals.

A special attention of the customs offices of the North-West Customs Department was paid to the visual and technical demonstration of the use of electronic technology. Thus, the Baltic Customs put emphasis on the implementation of the preliminary informing technology in the marine checkpoints. The Customs office of Kingisepp presented the preliminary informing implementation scheme in marine checkpoints, using the example of sea commercial port of Ust-Luga.

The Northern Custom offices demonstrated brightly and vividly their specificity: Arkhangelsk Customs presented its creation as the creation of the first marine Customs of Russia, Murmansk Customs showed the vision of the Borisoglebsk International Vehicle Customs Checkpoint (part of the Russian-Norwegian border) infrastructure modernization.

The exposition of Vyborg customs was focused on the cultural values​​ that had been seized in the course of customs control, as well as on the demonstration of customs control technical means. The common stand of Pskov Customs office and Customs of the Republic of Estonia presented the implementation of the procedure of simplified movement of the international vehicles in Kunichina  Gora- Koidula multilateral vehicle checkpoint.

The slogan of the joint exposition of Lithuanian and Kaliningrad Regional Customs was “New horizons of cooperation”. The activities of the Border Customs would not be efficient without close cooperation with the customs authorities of neighbouring countries. This time the Customs demonstrated the joint project called “Increase of Accessibility of the State Border of Lithuania and the Russian Federation by means of the capacity increase of Panemune-Sovietsk and Kibartay-Chernyshevskoye International Vehicle Checkpoints”.

The video presentation of the Concept of customs clearance of goods in the places that are close to the Russian Federation State Border and the use of technologies of remote release of the goods that are located in the railway checkpoint was shown at the exhibition stand of Sebezh Customs.

The technical means of control were demonstrated to the visitors by Pulkovo Customs. The Customs of Karelia developed the subject of the international cooperation and demonstrated the activities of the cynology services. St. Petersburg Customs exhibition stand gave the opportunity to plunge into the past and future of the Customs, as well as to use the interactive touch table.

The Baltic Customs Forum "International and regional aspects of cooperation" has become quite an event of the Exhibition. The Forum was attended by the representatives of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the North-West Customs Administration, St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, the State Customs of Finland, the Customs Service of the Baltic states, as well as foreign traders.

A solemn award ceremony took place at the end of the Forum. The winners of "Customs Olympus - 2012", competition of foreign economic activity leaders in the North-West Federal District, were awarded the diplomas.