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Offsite Session of Moscow International Customs Attache Club Took Place in Saint-Petersburg

On 21-22 May, 2013, the offsite session of Moscow International Customs Attaché Club under the chairmanship of Mr. Sergey Konovalenko, Head of Customs Cooperation Department of the Russian FCS, was held in St. Petersburg.

The Club meeting was attended by the representatives of Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, China, and France.

During the event, the foreign colleagues visited the port of St. Petersburg, where they had the opportunity to find out more about the procedures of customs clearance and customs control over the cargo transported by sea at the Baltic Customs.

Besides, the participants visited the container, ferry and reefer terminals of "Petrolesport" company, where they had the opportunity to see the process of freight handling and a presentation of future development of the port complex.

Within the framework of the meeting with the Head of the North-West Customs Administration, the Customs attachés and diplomats received comprehensive information on relevant topical issues and learned more about the activities of the North-West Customs Administration.

On May 22, the Club members attended the 9th International Exhibition "Customs 2013", as well as the Baltic Customs Forum on the issues of international and regional cooperation.