TODAY IS MONDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2018, 11:41:28 PM
Gratitude to Russian Southern Customs Officials for Fast and Efficient Registration of Sports Competition Participants

Mr. Alexander Getman, Head of the Southern Customs Department, received a letter of gratitude from the European company «CONCEPTUM LOGISTICS» (CEO Mr. Sebastian Stahl), specializing in transportation of athletes and their equipment around the world. In particular, the company was developing logistics solutions and carrying out the transportation of participants to Sochi for the international training week (04- 10 February, 2013), for the World Cup of Bobsleigh and Skeleton (11-17 February, 2013) and Luge (18-24 February, 2013).

In the letter, Mr. Stahl expressed his gratitude to all the staff of the customs office of Sochi airport "for high professional level, timely registration, friendly attitude and willingness to help in all the matters concerning customs clearance and necessary documents".

In February 2013, Sochi Customs Department passed a kind of examination on the readiness to receive the participants and guests of the Olympics 2014: to carry out customs clearance of sports delegations that arrived to participate in a number of international competitions. The customs procedures with regard to sports equipment (luges, equipment, uniform, start-finish devices, camera, etc.) were carried out in the shortest possible time.