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TIR procedure: opportunities of the FCS of Russia to prevent increase in prices and queues at the borders

A press conference on the topic: “Change of application of TIR Carnet from August 14, 2013” was held on August 2, 2013.

Tatiana Golendeeva, the State Secretary – the Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, explained the position of the FCS of Russia concerning the change the conditions of applications of the TIR procedure. According to her, the need for change has occurred, because the current practice of application of the TIR became a problem for the Russian federal budget. The position of the FCS is supported by other Russian ministries.

Because of failure by ASMAP to perform obligations assumed since 1996, the federal budget short received more than 20 billion rubles. ASMAP removed itself from its main task - to become the guarantor of payment of customs duties for both national and foreign carriers, but for foreign carriers – first of all.

Summarizing, Tatiana Golendeeva told about the work that is carried out to inform the participants of foreign economic activity of the forthcoming changes. She reassured the audience: “Other forms of securing of transit will not become more expensive, and therefore will not lead to increase in prices for goods.”

The press conference was attended by heads of departments of the FCS of Russia, they told the audience how goods will to cross the border after August 14, about the measures taken by the FCS to avoid queues at the borders.

Full video of the conference is available on the website of the FCS of the Russian Federation. It can be found here.