TODAY IS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2018, 11:14:14 AM
Russian customs officers held working meetings on TIR Carnets with their colleagues from Estonia and Latvia

The executives of the customs authorities of Russia and Estonia has held a working meeting on the implementation of the letter of the Federal Customs Service “On the international transportation with the use of TIR Carnets” at the customs post of the International Automobile Border-crossing Point Shumilkino (Pskov customs).

From the Russian side, the meeting was attended by representatives of Pskov and Kingisepp customs, from Estonia - leaders of the Southern Customs Office of Tax and Customs Department.

Russian customs officers told their Estonian colleagues that the letter of the FCS of Russia, according to which the transportation of TIR Carnets will require additional security for payment of customs duties and taxes, comes into force from August 14 this year.

The two sides exchanged views on the topic, including the issues of a possible development of the situation at the border entry points due to innovations.

The Russian and Estonian sides accepted responsibility of informing the carriers of the new rules for use of TIR Carnet when entering the territory of the Customs Union.

In addition, the executives of Pskov and Sebezh customs held a meeting with the representatives of the Customs of the State Revenue Service of Latvia at the entry point Ubylinka of Pskov customs. The meeting was attended by Vladislav Novikov – the representative of the FCS of Russia in Latvia.