The FCS of Russia defers the introduction of measures to ensure transit with the use of TIR Carnets on a month at the request of business

At the request of the members of the Consultative Council on Foreign Investment, the European Business Association, the delegation of the Representative office of the European Union in the Russian Federation, the FCS of Russia deferred the introduction of measures to ensure transit with the use of TIR Carnets on a month, until September 14, 2013.

During the meetings held by the FCS of Russia with the representatives of these organizations, they were informed of the work done by the Federal Customs Service in preparation for the introduction of innovations, and on the readiness of the customs authorities for their applications. The participants of foreign economic activity received clarifications concerning the order of their actions in the new environment, in particular – concerning the need to secure payment of customs duties and taxes by means of bank guarantees, cash, surety or other means provided by the Customs Code of the Customs Union.

Business representatives were sympathetic to the actions undertaken by the Customs Administration of the Russian Federation to restore order in the customs transit of goods. However, they expressed concern about insufficient technical readiness of a number of participants of foreign economic activity, including transport companies, to the new conditions of work and asked to postpone the introduction of the decision adopted by Russian Customs.

The FCS of Russia expects that additional time will allow the participants of foreign economic activity and carriers to be fully prepared for the upcoming innovations.

Furthermore, the Association of International Automobile Carriers (ASMAP), thus, gets an opportunity to settle the difference with the FCS of Russia at the specified time.

The FCS of Russia informed representatives of foreign customs and foreign embassies in Moscow of the decision taken.